Adult Education

Faith formation is a lifelong process. It does not end with reception of sacraments; rather, the sacraments are the beginning and the foundation of our faith. Seasonal Bible Study groups explore the wisdom and applications of sacred Scripture. Book study groups delve into special texts to enhance our faith understanding.

Past adult education experiences have featured distinguished speakers covering a wide range of topics, from world religions to the changes of the Second Vatican Council to contemporary justice and family issues.

We also have examined some particularly challenging areas in our “Catholics With Questions” and “Take A Second Look” sessions, for people who have been away from the Church for whatever reason or who might have difficult questions or situations that need to be addressed. In all these, everyone grows immensely and discovers our God in new ways.

A recent example of one of our adult education classes is the “Lenten Series on the Teachings of Pope Francis”, presented by Fr. Mike Marini.  Pope Francis’ Lenten Message was studied. An online copy of Pope Francis’ message is available at: For more information please call 831-458-3041.

We are pleased to share videos of the first two sessions:

Pray for All