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Friday Faith Sharing
May 14, 2021
Today’s Guest: Jane Keeffe
Today’s Reading: Mark 16:15-20

Join us today as Jane Keefe and Deacon Joe discuss the Ascension of the Lord.

Friday Faith Sharing
May 7, 2021
Today’s Guest: Elbina Rafizadeh, Oblate, OSB Cam
Today’s Reading: John 15: 9-17

Join us as New Camaldolese Oblate Elbina Rafizadeh and Deacon Joe reflect upon God’s love and how we are to respond to Christ’s command to love one another.

To learn more about the Camaldolese monks, please visit www.contemplation.com.

Friday Faith Sharing with Deacon Joe
April 30, 2021
Today’s Guest: David DeCosse (SCU)
Today’s Reading: John 15:1-8

Join David DeCosse and Deacon Joe as they reflect upon Christ as the True Vine, God’s grace, and Catholic Social Teaching.